About me

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Thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m an advocate of government and public sector organisations making smarter use of people, data and technology to reform public services and improve citizen engagement.

I’m currently Director of Government Innovation at Nesta. You can find out more about our research and practical programmes here.

Previously I was Head of Technology Policy at the think tank Policy Exchange, where I authored five reports on various aspects of tech policy.

I’m the author of two books: Working for a Think Tank and The Independence of South Sudan.

I describe myself as a technology pragmatist rather than an evangelist.

I believe technology alone solves few problems unless it’s accompanied by rethinking and redesigning the way people and organisations work.

I believe technology and data initiatives need to be based on sustainable business models – otherwise even the most worthy projects risk being short-term.

I regularly speak at or chair conferences and am always happy to consider speaking requests. You can listen to some of my past speeches on SoundCloud.

I blog regularly on this website about my interests – mostly professional but sometimes personal, too.

If you have ideas you’d like to share, feel free to get in touch via Twitter, LinkedIn or email.