Conservative Conference 2015 | Should cities have to be smart before they are given more powers?

by Eddie Copeland

Video of Policy Exchange Technology Policy event at Conservative Party Conference, Monday 5th October, 11.30am – 12.30pm.

Speakers: Lord Holmes of Richmond, Russell Haworth – Chief Executive, Nominet, Gavin Starks – CEO, Open Data Institute, Eddie Copeland – Head of Technology Policy, Policy Exchange, Jonn Elledge – Editor, CityMetric (Chair)

Event Theme: The UK’s major cities, starting with Manchester, are expected to be the new economic powerhouses. Devolved budgets and greater local powers over spending decisions have the potential to deliver growth and social transformation. But these decisions need to be informed by data and evidence that can direct funds where they will have the greatest impact. How can cities unlock the data that they and central government already have to do this? What role could data analysis and technology play in helping inform decisions and provide accountability? Does greater devolved power drive the smart agenda or should the smart agenda drive greater devolution? The political, economic and social stakes could not be higher. The aim of this event was to explore the role that smart, data-driven cities can play in making a success of the government’s city devolution agenda.

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