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What to expect from public sector digital transformation in 2016

11 Dec , 2015  

Eddie Copeland Digital Transformation in 2016

A version of this article first appeared on The arrival of December inevitably prompts reflections on the past year and predictions for the next. So what can be said of the world of public sector digital transformation? Several key developments that took place in 2015 point to what might be expected in 2016. Death […]

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Socitm Speech: Digital Nudge and the Peak Demand Problem in Public Services

30 Nov , 2015   Video

At the Socitm Annual Conference in November 2015, I presented my ideas on Digital Nudge and the Peak Demand Problem in Public services (read the blog here). Interested in how human behaviour is affected by computer screens? I highly recommend The Smarter Screen by Shlomo Benartzi. Find me on Twitter.


Mike Flowers Policy Exchange Interview – Full Transcript

27 Oct , 2015  

Eddie Copeland Interview with Mike Flowers - NYC MODA

In June 2015, I published “Big Data In the Big Apple” a report on how London could learn from New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA). MODA’s founding director, Mike Flowers (now based at Enigma Technologies), recently visited Policy Exchange to record an interview about his experiences of applying data analytics to urban […]

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People who liked Nudge also liked Digital Nudge

23 Sep , 2015  

Digital Nudge - Eddie Copeland

Different policy instruments can sometimes achieve more when combined than they can apart. This may be true of behavioural insights (“Nudge”) and digital government. The idea of using behavioural psychology techniques to influence citizens’ decision making is well known in policymaking circles. The concept was outlined by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein in their 2009 […]

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Digital Nudge and the Peak Demand Problem of Public Services

12 Sep , 2015  

Digital Nudge Peak Demand

The Peak Demand Problem What do public services have in common with the world of energy production and smart meters? The answer may be of interest to government departments seeking to identify budget savings of 25-40% in response calls for £20 billion of Whitehall cuts by 2020. Let me explain. One of the major challenges […]

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Has technology rendered open standards unnecessary?

3 Sep , 2015  

Has technology rendered open standards unnecessary

Interesting things happen when the price of a technology approaches zero. It makes possible new products and services, changes consumer behaviour and renders old problems and priorities obsolete. Take, for example, the plummeting cost of computer memory, which – combined with the internet and world wide web – has given us things like email, cloud […]


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5 points of focus for the ‘next phase’ of GDS

27 Aug , 2015  

What future for GDS - Digital Government

As the dust settles following the announcement of several high-profile departures from the Government Digital Service (GDS) – not least of its Head, Mike Bracken – it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on what should come next. Matt Hancock, Minister for the Cabinet Office, has assured that GDS will remain in place, saying: “[W]e […]

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If London wants to be a smart city it must first learn how to use data

12 Jun , 2015  

Eddie Copeland Big Data Big Apple

Here I explain the key messages behind my first report for the Capital City Foundation: Big Data in the Big Apple: The lessons London can learn from New York’s data-driven approach to smart cities. This article first appeared in Computer Weekly on 9 June. One thing baffles me about the UK’s approach to smart cities: […]

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What if public services could be more like Amazon’s?

14 May , 2015  

personalised public services - Eddie Copeland

For all the advances we have seen during the course of the last parliament in the development of better online transactions, they are not ‘user-centric’ but ‘users-centric’ (plural). They are designed so that anyone, anywhere will find them simple, quick and intuitive. This is huge progress, and a step change from how government operated in […]

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Why some local authorities are missing the point of open data

13 May , 2015  

Why some local authorities are missing the point of open data

This article first appeared on Computer Weekly on 12 May 2015. Dan Hubert was driving into London’s West End to see a show. He circled the roads around the theatre trying to find a parking space. The only one available was on a single yellow line. He looked for a sign showing whether the bay […]


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What does the election result mean for tech policy?

11 May , 2015  

What next for government policy on tech - Eddie Copeland

For months it was expected that the 2015 general election would be followed by days or even weeks of political uncertainty as parties vied to form a new coalition. Instead – and to the surprise of almost everyone – the outcome was clear. What might be the implications for tech policy? Hello and Goodbye First, […]

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The role of Data sharing in Public Sector reform: Speech to Socitm Spring Conference 2015

5 May , 2015   Video

This video shows a speech I gave on 3 April at Dexter House, London, for the Socitm Spring Conference 2015. The theme of the talk was the role of data sharing in public sector reform. Much of the content of this speech was based on a report I wrote for Policy Exchange: Small Pieces Loosely […]

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