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New Operating Models for Local Government – Understanding the Variables

4 Nov , 2018  

IOAP - Variables for New Operating Models - Eddie Copeland

In my last blog, I posted some thoughts and the image below outlining six alternatives to a traditional, top down model of public services. We might call these “new operating models”. In this article, I’d like to dig a little deeper into the idea of new operating models, and discuss how public sector organisations – and […]

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10 Big Lessons on Government Innovation

10 Apr , 2018  

Government Innovation Lessons

Last week I spent some time reflecting on the lessons I feel I’ve learned from my Nesta colleagues, and from observing our activities in the field of government innovation. Below are ten that stand out to me. Which of them resonate with you? What would be on your list of lessons for governments and the […]


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Central government: give councils a fighting chance to innovate

13 Aug , 2017  


In a recent podcast interview, former No. 10 adviser, Steve Hilton, lamented that David Cameron never delivered a speech laying out to the public the need for experimentation in policy, and to accept that some initiatives might fail. I agree with Hilton’s sentiment: we need precisely that conversation. Politics and policymaking cannot and must not […]

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How do organisations innovate?

5 Jul , 2017  

How to Innovate

On 5 July 2017 I gave the following informal talk to the UK energy regulator, Ofgem, on the subject “How to Innovate”. I used the session to share some of the thinking that Nesta applies when helping organisations to bring great ideas to life. The talk explores how organisations can approach making smarter use of […]

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Why government innovation starts with people, not technology

25 Jun , 2017  

Government Innovation Smarter use of People

When it comes to Nesta’s work on government innovation, one of the core challenges that occupies our thoughts is how to help governments and the wider public sector respond to rising demand for services in the face of ever tighter budgets. We tend to think about potential solutions in terms of three core approaches: making […]

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