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Lessons from a failed entrepreneur: How to build a tech cluster

2 Apr , 2015  

London Digital Economy - Eddie Copeland

The following text is taken from my speech to the Policy Forum for London on 2 April 2015. Hi, my name’s Eddie and I’m a failed entrepreneur. If your business fails in the USA I’m told it’s a badge of honour; it’s that mark of credibility that may even help get you funding for your […]

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Are elected mayors enough to deliver the Northern Powerhouse?

7 Nov , 2014  

Northern Powerhouse - Eddie Copeland

Plans to create a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ took a significant step forward this week with the announcement that Greater Manchester will gain its own directly elected mayor from 2017. The government has made the introduction of the position a condition of devolving significant powers and budgetary responsibility to the region. The mayor will have control over […]

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Silicon Cities: what do the UK’s tech clusters need from Government?

2 Jun , 2014  

Silicon Cities - Eddie Copeland

This article first appeared on TechCityInsider on 29 May 2014. The British government has not been immune from admiring glances towards Silicon Valley, nor coy about its aspirations to emulate the region’s success. At a speech marking the launch of Google Campus in March 2012, George Osborne unequivocally stated his ambition for the UK technology […]

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UK tech start-ups are doing well. Now let’s help them become big businesses

13 Nov , 2013  

Growing tech companies - Eddie Copeland

It was pleasing to hear David Cameron use his Lord Mayor’s Banquet speech to reiterate the need to support UK start-ups. He cited progress in “opening up government procurement to start-ups, spending hundreds of millions to stimulate venture capital investment and getting behind technology clusters wherever they start to emerge”, all of which are to […]

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