If city devolution is to succeed, cities need to up their game on data

15 Jan , 2016  

Smart Devolution - Eddie Copeland

Today sees the launch of “Smart Devolution”, my final report for Policy Exchange, co-authored with Cameron Scott. Read the full report here. The following article introducing the report first appeared in Computer Weekly. Smart Devolution City devolution is at the very heart of the government’s policy programme for this parliament. The intention is that by […]


Tech Policy

We’re asking the wrong questions about Smart Cities

26 Mar , 2015  

Smart cities fallacy - Eddie Copeland

Smart phones. Smart watches. Smart homes. Smart grids. Prefix almost any noun with ‘smart’ and you have yourself a technological revolution. If you believe the hype, almost any problem can be solved or situation made better if only the device is smart enough. Adopting the same language to talk about ‘smart cities’ leads to unintended […]


Tech Policy

The Policy Challenges for Building Smart Cities in the UK

1 Dec , 2014  

Smart Cities UK policy challenges - Eddie Copeland

Technology has already transformed much of our daily lives. But it has yet to have more than a peripheral effect on public services. That may be about to change. It’s apparent that smart cities have the potential to revolutionise the way that urban environments function. From reducing congestion to managing energy distribution; and from helping […]