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How to think up creative new policy recommendations

11 Mar , 2018  

Think creatively about policy recommendations

Quality think tank policy recommendations are based on thorough research and analysis. Yet it’s still helpful for think tankers to have some mental prompts to encourage new ideas on how to tackle the problems or realise the opportunities that their research uncovers. To that end, in Chapter 3 of my book, Working for a Think […]

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Think Tanks

How to write policy recommendations that influence government

22 Aug , 2017  

Influence Westminster policy

There are over 120 think tanks in the UK. You can find their details here. A core goal of many of these organisations is to publish reports and make recommendations that influence government policy. With so many think tanks competing for attention, how can they write recommendations that have a chance of influencing real decision […]

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Think Tanks

UK Think Tanks, Mapped

31 Jul , 2017  

Map of UK Think Tanks - Eddie Copeland

NOTE: The think tank map and list below will be continuously updated based on readers’ feedback. Thank you to everyone who responded to my tweet with suggestions of other think tanks that should be added. There are now details of 126 organisations below, including important additions in Wales, Scotland and one for Northern Ireland. (I’m […]