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London Office of Data Analytics pilot – now for the hard part

3 Feb , 2017  

London Office of Data Analytics

For the past few months, Nesta has been working with the GLA, more than a dozen London boroughs, and data science specialists the ASI to develop an algorithm that predicts which of London’s many thousands of properties are unlicensed HMOs – “Houses in Multiple Occupation”. I outlined the rationale for the project in this interview […]

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Blockchain could power a personal data revolution

15 Dec , 2016  

Blockchain and personal data

Though millions have benefitted from the rise of internet giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google, there is growing unease at the way they – and many companies like them – require or encourage users to give up significant control of their personal information in exchange for services. 2017 will be the year when the blockchain-based […]

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Predictive analytics for the local government sector – Socitm Annual Conference

3 Dec , 2016   Video

In October 2016 I chaired the two day Socitm Annual Conference in Milton Keynes. On day two of the conference, I outlined my views on the role of predictive analytics for the local government sector in the speech shown in this video.

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Working for a Think Tank: how to get a job, be effective and influence policy

14 Oct , 2016  

working for a think tank - book cover

It was late June 2013 and I was in a state of complete panic. Having left a secure and well-paid job in fundraising the previous year, I’d been working on my own start-up business that aimed to build web and data products to help commuters. But having gone through different iterations of various ideas, including […]

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Government as a Platform – technology, data or business model?

29 Sep , 2016  

Government as Lego

What exactly is Government as a Platform (GaaP) and does it have a future? This was the topic I was asked to address during a speech at the Oxford Internet Institute’s Platform Society conference on 22 September 2016. In my talk, which you can listen to via SoundCloud, I argue that the term might be […]

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UK Offices of Data Analytics – from rhetoric to reality

12 Jun , 2016  

Eddie Copeland Offices of Data Analytics

If you’ve heard me speak at a conference or read one of my blogs, you’ve probably gathered that I’m a big admirer of New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA). At times I may have sounded like a broken record. In my defence, there are good reasons to be excited about the model […]

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3 Steps to Save Local Digital Government

22 Mar , 2016  

Local Digital Government

We’ve cracked the easy stuff – now for the hard part… It was a graph that first provoked my interest in local government digital reform. Flicking through the pages of an LGA report on council funding, it suddenly appeared: two lines – one showing funding, the other expenditure – starting together in 2010 and quickly […]

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10 Recommendations for the UK Digital Strategy

10 Jan , 2016  

UK Digital Strategy - Eddie Copeland

In response to the Government’s request for ideas for the UK’s Digital Strategy, I offer the following recommendations for Section 2 – Transforming Government. Data Public sector digital transformation fundamentally depends on making smarter use of data. Therefore: 1 – should be converted into a data marketplace where different creators and consumers of data […]

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What to expect from public sector digital transformation in 2016

11 Dec , 2015  

Eddie Copeland Digital Transformation in 2016

A version of this article first appeared on The arrival of December inevitably prompts reflections on the past year and predictions for the next. So what can be said of the world of public sector digital transformation? Several key developments that took place in 2015 point to what might be expected in 2016. Death […]

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Socitm Speech: Digital Nudge and the Peak Demand Problem in Public Services

30 Nov , 2015   Video

At the Socitm Annual Conference in November 2015, I presented my ideas on Digital Nudge and the Peak Demand Problem in Public services (read the blog here). Interested in how human behaviour is affected by computer screens? I highly recommend The Smarter Screen by Shlomo Benartzi. Find me on Twitter.

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Conservative Conference 2015 | Should cities have to be smart before they are given more powers?

5 Oct , 2015   Video

Video of Policy Exchange Technology Policy event at Conservative Party Conference, Monday 5th October, 11.30am – 12.30pm. Speakers: Lord Holmes of Richmond, Russell Haworth – Chief Executive, Nominet, Gavin Starks – CEO, Open Data Institute, Eddie Copeland – Head of Technology Policy, Policy Exchange, Jonn Elledge – Editor, CityMetric (Chair) Event Theme: The UK’s major […]