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Are there votes in digital policy?

17 Nov , 2014  

Are there votes in digital policy - Eddie Copeland

Recent years have witnessed a sharp rise in interest from all three main political parties in using technology to transform the way public services are delivered. This has been driven by two main factors. The first is the pressing need for greater efficiency. Right across the public sector budgets have been frozen or cut. Technology […]

Tech Policy

Why an NHS Kitemark for health apps is good for doctors and patients

14 Nov , 2014  

NHS Kitemark - Eddie Copeland

This week an NHS kitemark for health-related smartphone apps was announced as one of several new technology initiatives being supported by NHS chiefs in England. Policy Exchange welcomes the move, which is expected to increase doctors’ confidence in prescribing apps as a powerful addition to other forms of treatment. There is now a bewildering array […]


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Are elected mayors enough to deliver the Northern Powerhouse?

7 Nov , 2014  

Northern Powerhouse - Eddie Copeland

Plans to create a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ took a significant step forward this week with the announcement that Greater Manchester will gain its own directly elected mayor from 2017. The government has made the introduction of the position a condition of devolving significant powers and budgetary responsibility to the region. The mayor will have control over […]

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Politicians must stop pretending that more money alone can save the NHS

13 Oct , 2014  

Digital NHS - Eddie Copeland

One disheartening aspect of this year’s Party conferences was that the main policy debate over the future of healthcare focused on which party would throw more money at the NHS. Other ideas about ways to improve Britain’s creaking health care system seemed thin on the ground. The simple fact is that Britain’s healthcare system faces […]


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We need to talk about data

2 Oct , 2014  

Citizen trust on data - Eddie Copeland

“Who do you trust with your data?” This question certainly proved to be a dominant discussion point at several Conservative Party Conference fringe events this year. The answer (at least according to research and polling published by the Royal Statistical Society and IpsosMORI) is sadly: not many organisations. Few in either the public or private […]


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Tech Clusters can support the Northern Powerhouse

14 Aug , 2014  

Silicon Cities report - Eddie Copeland

In recent weeks, political parties have set their sights firmly on measures to boost economic growth in the North of England. In June, George Osborne outlined his wish to see a ‘northern powerhouse’ and last week endorsed a call from five northern cities for a £15billion investment in science, transport and infrastructure. In July, Lord […]

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What should digital government look like in the local government sector?

16 Jul , 2014  

What should digital government look like in local government sector - Eddie Copeland

Of the thirty-three recommendations in Policy Exchange’s recent Technology Manifesto, two have elicited the greatest reaction. One was our call for the UK to have the world’s highest rate of basic digital skills by 2020. The other was for the establishment of a Local GDS, an idea first outlined in detail by Richard Copley. Much […]


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Silicon Cities: what do the UK’s tech clusters need from Government?

2 Jun , 2014  

Silicon Cities - Eddie Copeland

This article first appeared on TechCityInsider on 29 May 2014. The British government has not been immune from admiring glances towards Silicon Valley, nor coy about its aspirations to emulate the region’s success. At a speech marking the launch of Google Campus in March 2012, George Osborne unequivocally stated his ambition for the UK technology […]

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EU Right To Be Forgotten threatens innovation and the free and open Internet

13 May , 2014  

Google right to be forgotten - Eddie Copeland

The government has pushed hard to promote Britain as the best place in Europe to start a technology business. It has endorsed the many digital start-ups based in Tech City, and is keen to develop technology and digital industries around the UK. It is right to do so. The internet accounts for a greater percentage […]

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What role will technology play in parties’ manifestos for 2015?

9 May , 2014  

Digital Democracy - Eddie Copeland

What role will technology play in parties’ manifestos for 2015? That’s the question I’ll be putting to Nadhim Zahawi (Member of the No. 10 Policy Board), Chi Onwurah (Shadow Cabinet Office Minister) and Dr Julian Huppert (Member for Cambridge) at an event on 4th June at Google Campus. The answer matters: From education to healthcare, […]


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Why Government should aim for everyone to have at least basic digital skills by 2020

29 Apr , 2014  

Basic Digital Skills - Eddie Copeland

This article was first published by the Yorkshire Post. It has become something of a cliché to say that the internet has transformed the world. But that’s only because it’s true. Email, social media and apps are changing the way people communicate with friends, family and colleagues. New e-commerce models are creating businesses that five […]

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Digital Government: The gap between vision and reality

24 Apr , 2014  

Digital Government - Eddie Copeland

This blog was written for Open Forum Events‘ upcoming conference: Digital Public Services: Simpler. Quicker. More Engaging. Much has been promised about technology’s ability to radically transform government and public service delivery. Harnessing smart tech is meant to offer the chance to make government leaner, more responsive and more personalised to the needs of individual […]