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What’s wrong with Care.Data?

28 Feb , 2014 - Eddie Copeland

It’s been a tough few weeks for The roll out of the initiative – which aims to combine GP and hospital records in the national Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) databases – has been postponed for a second time for six months. Doctors have reported being confused about the respective demands of […]

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Tech Policy

Schools need all the support they can get to deliver the Computing curriculum

11 Dec , 2013  

computing in schools - Eddie Copeland

On 25 November I joined a group of teachers, industry leaders, academics and politicians in a Guardian roundtable discussion on the future of Computer Science teaching in schools. The aim was to look at the government’s ambitious agenda to have primary and secondary schools teaching Computer Science (ComSci) from September 2014, and to understand the […]


Tech Policy

UK tech start-ups are doing well. Now let’s help them become big businesses

13 Nov , 2013  

Growing tech companies - Eddie Copeland

It was pleasing to hear David Cameron use his Lord Mayor’s Banquet speech to reiterate the need to support UK start-ups. He cited progress in “opening up government procurement to start-ups, spending hundreds of millions to stimulate venture capital investment and getting behind technology clusters wherever they start to emerge”, all of which are to […]

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